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storyboard002It’s the final countdown. 7 days, seven freaking days left and I’ll be 40 weeks pregnant. It would be a lie if I said we were ready, but really who is really ever ready. We are excited, anxious, and a little scared but the good kind of scared. We both know that we’ll make interesting parents to say the least. We have big plans for raising him and hope that we fulfill all the dreams we’ve set together.

As we make the transition to parenthood in the next coming weeks we just want to have a little note here, reminding everyone that we might be a little slow at responding to emails.

awesome maternity photos by our bud: Jesse David Green


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  • Gwen Papp

    on December 18, 2014  10:08 am

    Wait, you are literally due on Christmas day?! Wow. Well, you look great, and I love that photo in the orchard so much it's sort of painful. How glad will you be someday to have that?! "Interesting" parents are the best. :)

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