“Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness has never danced in the rain”-unknown

I’ve had this blog post in my queue for a while. Basically because I’m at a loss for words to describe wonderful this day was. Two of our closest friends, Hans and Jaimie had a ceremony in the middle of the woods surround by their closest friends and family… literally surrounded, we all made a giant circle around them and they said their vows in the middle. The sun was shining through the trees, and it was one of the most moving ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed. Sometimes, weddings don’t go as planned… and really it’s how you react to those changes that makes the day what it is. After their ceremony we took some portraits and headed to the reception location: an open field next to a tiny barn where we would be having a open air dinner lit by cafe style bulbs with everyone seated at three long tables. The days leading up to the reception there was a slight possibility for rain, and then it said it’d be clear, and then it looked like it could rain again, and then of course it cleared up. They made the decision to take their chances without tents and well, it rained… hard. Honestly, I personally wouldn’t have changed a thing about their wedding. Even if they would have gotten a tent, I’m pretty sure it would have collapsed or everyone would have been huddled in the center. Instead, we all embraced it. We hung out in the barns, under umbrellas, and took turns eating and chatting with the few seats that were in covered locations. There’s something special about weddings where things don’t go as planned that make them 100% authentic. It’s great because you end up chatting with people you’d never would have if you were sitting on the other side of a reception. It was really honest, and beautiful. We laughed, hugged and then we danced. Also you may notice Brandon in some of these photos, and I had Jeanne Pope second shooting with me and she did an awesome job, thanks girl!

I also have to give a little shout out to my little brother Mark, who made all the beer for the wedding and Hans sisters who made all the food! Hats off to you guys!

Ceremony: nichols arboretum

Reception: Private Residence



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This wedding almost seems surreal, each pic could be a postcard. This marriage will last for an eternity, the memories caught by your lens are priceless.

What an amazing job capturing an amazing day. Every picture is beautiful!

So great. I love the pictures.

you did a beautiful job photographing the wedding it really captures the feeling