teresa+tim // detroit engagement session at astro

t+t0139As you might have noticed, we updated our website. We’ve worked hard the last few weeks to getting it all ready and we hope you like it. I can’t wait to share all the weddings and shoots we still have backlogged. One of my goals this year is to stay on top of blogging everything we shoot. So here’s the first engagement shoot of 2015!

Say hello to Teresa and Tim at Astro! in corktown; one amazing couple whom we feel like we’ve known forever. We can’t wait for their wedding this August.

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  • Dash Riprock

    on March 7, 2015  1:43 pm

    You two rock!

  • kathy kish

    on March 7, 2015  1:50 pm

    Gorgeous pictures, Lindsey!!! Great job...Great looking couple, too! :)


  • Jeanne Little

    on March 7, 2015  3:51 pm

    Beautiful pictures! You guys look Awesome!

  • David Tanciar

    on March 7, 2015  8:40 pm

    beautiful photos !!!!!!!!!looking gorgeous u two

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