the adams family // ann arbor lifestyle session

LB__0818I’m having a hard time coming up with the right words to express the love I have for this family. Natalie has been my best friend since we were well, we still haven’t really been able to figure out because it was before our collective memory. We grew up on the same street and had a instant bond that will last a lifetime. We’ve seen each other at our best, and at our worst. Going through life with this gal has been something I’ve never taken for granted. There are a lot of life defining moments we’ve gone through together… and so far, becoming mothers together has been the best.


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  • Paige Chittaro Ashton

    on October 24, 2014  1:05 am

    Wow. Those are great pics.

  • Brooke Collier

    on October 24, 2014  2:03 am

    oh my heart. these are amazing. and the ones where the little boy is laying on his mama made me nearly cry. i suddenly NEED a photo like that of myself with my own wee boy.

  • Amanda VanVels

    on October 24, 2014  6:34 pm

    these are so great!!!! i love when you photograph them.

  • Jessica Ochoa

    on November 1, 2014  1:12 pm

    I must comment on the last photo.....just incredible!

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