We believe in the beauty of the tangible

You can’t pass down a Facebook album. In a time where most people’s memories stay trapped on their computers or hard drives, we believe in making an investment in something that will be a cherished possession–flipped through for generations by friends, family members, and future grandchildren. These images are going to be a visual legacy of your wedding day, and there’s is nothing like holding memories of your wedding in a beautiful, timeless, tangible form. You should have one. So should your parents. (Plus it makes your coffee table look gorgeous!)

First, you have to figure out what size album you want:

  • 8×8, 10×10, or 12×12 inches

Next, do you want a leather or linen cover?

  • The leather options are $200 more than linen.

How many pages?

  • Each album includes 20 pages (10 spreads) and each additional spread after that is $40/each.

  • To tell the full story of the day, I recommend at least 20 spreads or 40 pages this will allow for breathing room between photos and not leave your album feeling busy.


8 x 8 Album

Linen - $1000
Leather - $1200

10 x 10 Album

Linen - $1200
Leather - $1400

12 x 12 Album

Linen - $1800
Leather - $2000


First fill out the questionnaire I send you!

This is crucial as it gives me a good idea of what you're looking for in a wedding album. To start the process of designing your album, you’ll have to put down a nonrefundable deposit of $150.

Then your album is designed

My design approach is pretty minimalist as I try to not overcrowd pages with too many photographs. I will choose between 75-100 photos that I feel best tell your story and if you have any must have images let me know! Usually I ask to "favorite" them in your gallery. On the first draft, I will design the album with as many spreads as I feel your day needs. This typically ends up being around 25-35 spreads.

If needed, you have 2 rounds of changes

I will send you your album draft and from there you’ll have 2 rounds to make any changes. You’re welcome to cut spreads from your album and combine them with other pages if you’d like to keep your album to 20 spreads. Additional round of changes is $100.

Album Approval

Once everything looks exactly like you want it, I’ll give you the final price based on how many extra spreads you add. You pay and I’ll put the order in! Once the order is placed, the album will be in your hands in a few weeks.

Q & A

• Why is there a $150 deposit? Does that go towards my album?

The deposit is first and foremost to make sure that you are serious about investing in the album. Second, absolutely! It will be applied towards the final cost of the album.

• Are 20 spreads enough or will I most likely be adding on additional spreads?

20 spreads is definitely enough to fit your whole day in. I design albums with about 25-35 spreads because I like to include a handful of full page photo spreads. I think these spreads are always the ones that make people gasp. They’re so beautiful. But, it is only 1 photo and takes up a whole spread. I leave the decision up to you to decide if you want to leave that in or not.

• I appreciate the minimal approach, but I want to fit more photos on each page, can I do that?

Yes, You sure can! It’s your album, I want you to be 100% happy with it. I design it first in a way that I think looks best, but am happy to go back and rearrange the pages to fit more photos if that’s what you want.

• Why should I order through you when I can make my own?

First of all, the quality of these albums are amazing. The page thickness makes them feel high end, the photos will be perfectly color corrected so they look like they do on your screen, and the covers are so dreamy and feel amazing in your hands. These albums will last your whole lifetime without the photos fading or becoming discolored.

Second, I’m doing all of the work for you. I hear it from a lot of my couples that they’ve been meaning to order a wedding album themselves, but just never have the time to do it. I’m choosing your photos for you, designing your album custom for you with layouts you can’t find anywhere else, and placing the order for you.

• Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I’m offering 3 month payment plans for albums. You're album will not be processed until final payment is made.

• How do I get this started?

Shoot me a email lindsey@wearethebillings! Let me know what size album you'd like, if you'd like me to keep it at 20 spreads and if you want a payment plan! Also any questions you might have before I send over the deposit!